Super excited to share Aaron and Katie’s wedding on the blog today!

I have known Aaron since high school and I can honestly say I have never seen him this happy in my entire life. It’s awesome that he truly found his better half 😉 Aaron has always been a great friend and a huge part of my business. He told everyone he knew about me when I first started shooting weddings and really helped me get going in the industry. He has even shot with me a couple times and we crushed it!

Katie and Aaron are meant for each other. Katie’s humor seems to break through Aaron’s cynical approach to life 🙂 They are perfect together!

They got married at a gorgeous property off the 17 mile drive in Monterey, CA. We lucked out and had fantastic weather with no clouds and no wind. It is my favorite place to visit!

It was an absolute blast with all their family and friends!

I love these guys!!!! So happy for you two!!

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