HOLY SMOKES! So pumped to have had the opportunity to photograph Vanessa and Jon’s wedding!

They got married up at Highland Springs Resort tucked away in the foothills of the San Bernardino mountains. They had their ceremony underneath an 11 year old oak tree that was breathtaking.

Super excited to share these with you!

… and if you want to revisit their epic engagement session, click here

VJ_wedding_0019 VJ_wedding_0035 VJ_wedding_0044 VJ_wedding_0072 VJ_wedding_0097 VJ_wedding_0155 VJ_wedding_0173 VJ_wedding_0193 VJ_wedding_0238 VJ_wedding_0347 VJ_wedding_0424 VJ_wedding_0488 VJ_wedding_0493 VJ_wedding_0527 VJ_wedding_0578 VJ_wedding_0584 VJ_wedding_0590 VJ_wedding_0594 VJ_wedding_0708 VJ_wedding_0749 VJ_wedding_0781 VJ_wedding_0802 VJ_wedding_0824 VJ_wedding_0882 VJ_wedding_0901 VJ_wedding_0985 VJ_wedding_1009 VJ_wedding_1017 VJ_wedding_1052 VJ_wedding_1090 VJ_wedding_1108 VJ_wedding_1128 VJ_wedding_1140 VJ_wedding_1163 VJ_wedding_1179 VJ_wedding_1180 VJ_wedding_1184 VJ_wedding_1265 VJ_wedding_1344 VJ_wedding_1588 VJ_wedding_1759 VJ_wedding_1776 VJ_wedding_1811 VJ_wedding_1821 VJ_wedding_1824 VJ_wedding_1865 VJ_wedding_1964

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