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This is the reason for buzz- this wedding.

Let me give you the scoop. Kelli and Whitney are good friends from college and I have gotten to know Whitney and Josh over the years. Well, Whitney’s parents breed Bulldogs, the cutest ones at that. So what we did is a little swap. normally I wouldnt do that but it just happen we were looking for the cutest four legged animal and they wanted me to shoot their wedding, done and done.
So I shot their engagement session and and knew there wedding was going to really fun. I gave a little sneak peek a little bit ago and here is the rest.

here are Aaron’s photos- he shot the boys 🙂

This is Christine and Bill, possible the most understanding couple ever.

I unfortunately forgot my battery for the engagement shoot, a rookie move i know but it will never happen again. Luckily I also have the best wife ever who dropped everything to come save the day. But out of the chaos we still managed to have a great time and score some solid images. I really enjoy this picture cause I was peeking on the back of my camera just fell in love it form the very beginning, its just one of those things. So HUGE thanks to Christine and Bill for being awesome!