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I had another opportunity to second shoot Bobby Earle 🙂

I really enjoy second shooting cause I get to try a lot of things or work on other things I normally wouldn’t have the chance to do if they where my own client. The bummer part is that I never really get to know the couple, which is what I enjoy most about being a wedding photographer. Not in this case. For the short time, I got to know them I got to see the love for each other. There was nothing flashy about this wedding but good old fashion, down and dirty, infatuation.

the peak before she walks out

This is my favorite part about this wedding- after the ceremony they escaped to a little room and did their own little vows to each other all by themselves… AWESOME!

November 20, 2009 in second shooter, wedding
I had the opportunity to second shoot the awesome photographer Aaron Wilcox for a wedding in San Clemente. It’s really funny because we were so different, but yet so similar. I always stick my hand in the light to check to see if it was soft or hard and what direction it was coming. I use the palm side of my hand and Aaron did the same thing but on the back of his hand. Most IMPORTANTLY- he shoots Nikon and I shoot Canon, not really the most important but the battle goes on 🙂
The most important thing is that our visions were on same path. It was really nice because we didn’t have to say anything to each other during the wedding. It was like, eye contact= BAM= we both know what we are doing, and not doing the same thing, which equals awesomeness. 
well, the couple was way awesome and were fantastic to photograph. I am not going to lie, I really enjoyed shooting them and shooting with Aaron. 


Better late then never… 
I shot this wedding a few weeks ago and life has just been too crazy and i totally forgot….oops. well anyways, I had the opportunity to second shoot east coast big hitter, Glen Cooper. He was super dooper nice and let me do whatever the quack I wanted. It was like being the primary with no worries 🙂
This wedding was too stinking fun. Niveen is from Pakistan and Michael is from Santa Barbara, the twist on this wedding was it was their second one. Their first wedding was in January in Boston all decked out in Pakistani wear and tradition. This wedding was their second and a little more Americanized  (I think that is a real word).  The ceremony was “normal” but Niveen still wore her traditional dress. her dress was my favorite. It is different from their first wedding but hand made by the same person from Pakistan. Each dress takes 1-2 months of crazy skills…. AMAZING!!!!! I would love to shoot more of these weddings. Anytime, anywhere! 

^thats me in the food thinger 🙂