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December 31, 2014 in personal

This post is all about us and the “tourist” side of our awesome trip to NYC. My incredibly organized wife made a very detailed timeline for each day in which we updated throughout our trip to make sure we did everything… and some things twice. I put little descriptions with each group of pictures to give you a good idea of what’s going on 🙂


This was our first night we arrived. These ornaments are 6′-7′ across and were awesome!
nyc_blog_0001Giant Christmas lights…


This was the first time we saw the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. I made her close her eyes and open them right in front of it.
nyc_blog_0003 nyc_blog_0004 nyc_blog_0005 nyc_blog_0006First time seeing Times Square.
nyc_blog_0007 Adorable bakery called Magnolia Bakery… very delicious 🙂nyc_blog_0008 Central Parknyc_blog_0009 Our stop on the subway for the 1 train.nyc_blog_0010This is the BEST mac n cheese place ever… its called S’MAC….
nyc_blog_0011 Ice skating at Rockefellernyc_blog_0012Crazy decorations in the stores…
nyc_blog_0013 Mood Fabric storenyc_blog_0014 Swatch was very happy to meet me.nyc_blog_0015 Grand Central Stationnyc_blog_0016 Frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity.nyc_blog_0017 nyc_blog_0018 nyc_blog_0019 nyc_blog_0020NYC Christmas tree lots are on the sidewalks… We walked through this one everyday, twice a day 🙂nyc_blog_0021Brooklyn Bridgenyc_blog_0022Our first snow in Central Park.
nyc_blog_0023 nyc_blog_0024 nyc_blog_0025Back at RC
nyc_blog_0026 Times Squarenyc_blog_0027 Lady Liberty nyc_blog_0028 BEST CAMERA STORE EVER!!!nyc_blog_0029 This Macy’s is HUGE… entire block, 11 stories…nyc_blog_0030 Top of the Empire State Buildingnyc_blog_0031 nyc_blog_0032 Very windy up top.nyc_blog_0033 Awesome Christmas window displays.nyc_blog_0034 nyc_blog_0035Before we went in to watch the Rockettes at the Christmas Spectular
nyc_blog_0036 nyc_blog_0037 Inside Radio City Music Hall.nyc_blog_0038 More windows…nyc_blog_0039 nyc_blog_0040 nyc_blog_0041 nyc_blog_0042 nyc_blog_0043 nyc_blog_0044 nyc_blog_0045 nyc_blog_0046 nyc_blog_0047 nyc_blog_0048 SoHo…nyc_blog_0049We waited to try and get Wicked tickets via lottery… They pull 13 names and give front row seat tickets to 26 people two hours before the show. Kelli got her name called and then I got called shortly after (I gave mine back so someone else could win).

nyc_blog_0050 nyc_blog_0051 nyc_blog_0052 nyc_blog_0053 C.P. againnyc_blog_0054 nyc_blog_0055 View from Top of the Rock.nyc_blog_0056 nyc_blog_0057 Last night we celebrated with our favorite dinner no matter where we are… Ruth’s Chris.nyc_blog_0058



December 14, 2014 in personal

WOW! NYC is the place to be during the Christmas season!

We are currently in route home but we have a loooooonnnnnggggg layover and I don’t have any weddings on my computer to edit so I thought I would share some photos from our trip. I’m breaking our trip into two posts- this one will be more street photography and the second post (coming shortly) will be mostly of my wife and I enjoying our trip with a bunch of shameless photos of us at arms length.

In no particular order, here are some photos walking around the Big Apple…DTM_5171 DTM_5163 DTM_4921 DTM_4905 DTM_4859 DTM_4849 DTM_4813 DTM_4785 DTM_4766 DTM_4733 DTM_4660 DTM_4658 DTM_4634 DTM_4365 DTM_4287 DTM_4279 DTM_4267 DTM_4226 DTM_4208 DTM_4178 DTM_4146 DTM_4131 DTM_4110 DTM_4036 DTM_3922 DTM_3921 DTM_3911 DTM_3896 DTM_3861 DTM_3794 DTM_3748 DTM_3581 DTM_3526 DTM_3502 DTM_3455 DTM_3422 DTM_3385 DTM_3366 DTM_3359 DTM_3327 DTM_3247 DTM_3151 DTM_3147 DTM_3143 comp

For you that don’t know my wife, she is a second grade teacher and the best one at that. Since I see her everyday, I know how hard she works and how much she loves her kids.

With my schedule, I get to come down to her class and help out. I always feel like a super star cause as soon as I walk in the class erupts- “MR. MAYER!!!!” what a great confidence booster.

I went down to Kelli’s class three times last week to help out on the grading and various other task but I got to experience second grade book reports. Let me tell you, they are awesome. This book report was on a biography of someone famous. One of the students was Neil Armstrong and the student put their helmet on Kelli. What a moment. I never had a teacher come down to my level and make me laugh like Kelli does with her students.

I also took some photos for one of Kelli’s art project for the class. Here are just a few pics of kids…