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Eric and Kelly are an awesome couple from the island of Oahu, Hawaii all the way to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland.
We spent the morning exploring every nook and cranny of the park and found some really fun spots 🙂 Eric and Kelly timed the shoot perfectly to enjoy their trip with a bunch of their friends at the park as well.

Disneyland is one of my favorite places to shoot and have fun!

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These two love birds are what it is all about… Mark and Allison are getting married this November and I can’t wait!

I met Allison through my wife Kelli. They are both teachers and have taught together for the last 2 years. Mark and Allison met at North Coast Calvary Church, where he is a youth pastor, and these two are a perfect match! Here’s some photos from our super fun engagement shoot! Looking forward to their wedding!

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Oh my goodness! This is what happens when you mix a super awesome couple and the happiest place on Earth! Jess and Andrew are big Disney fans so naturally they would pick to do their engagement session there. I’ve done multiple Disney engagement sessions and I love having the opportunity to make each session unique to the couple! It seems like every time I shoot there, I find new hidden little gems to shoot!

We hit all of their favorite rides including the Tea Cups, Space Mountain, and the new and improved Big Thunder Mountain. Avoiding the crowds was the name of the game. We took our time and really enjoyed the day. I love this place and love this couple!!!DTM_3651 DTM_3686 DTM_3769 DTM_3821 DTM_3853 DTM_3918 DTM_3965 DTM_4020 DTM_4086 DTM_4110 DTM_4112 DTM_4179 DTM_4205 DTM_4212 DTM_4233 DTM_4291 DTM_4324 DTM_4419 DTM_4432 DTM_4461 DTM_4529 DTM_4561 DTM_4574 DTM_4600