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Dog beach is Buzz’s playground.
We went with our friends Deb and James to dog beach with their bulldog Gracie. Gracie took off like a horse running the Kentucky Derby and buzz did the more casual trot to see the other dogs cruising the beach. Being a bulldog owner, we try to find other bulldogs and make a cool club that only bulldogs can play in and we found Moose. Moose was 11 months and built like a tank. When i mean tank, I am talking 65lbs of solid muscle and full of manlyness. He was a huge ball of energy and still has 7 months to grow, YIKES!!!!! well Buzz was fearless and played with Moose like he was 65lbs not caring as he dodged, dove, dipped, ducked… and dodged. He snuck a few bunches and kicks in between Moose’s attempts to show Buzz who was boss.
Eventually Buzz made it the water. Bulldogs are not known for their water skills but Buzz took it like a champ. He started slow then walked all the way up the the chin. He does this really funny thing when he gets in the water and lifts one of his front paws out of the water as if not to get it wet. Hopefully we can get him a life jacket and get him surfing soon and be the Kelly slater of Bulldogs. that will have to be another posting in the future 🙂