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I never seen someone smile as much as Carolann did on her wedding day. I shot their engagement session and thought I knew what I was getting myself into. I was way off. This wedding was a 2 day event with 2 receptions. The first day had the ceremony and a larger reception followed by a friends reception at a friends house. Of course no wedding goes smoothly or as planned, and they unfortunately had an issue with the DJ for their first reception. The DJ didn’t turn in his insurance to the venue and they didn’t allow him to set up so there was no music, which meant to dancing. So to make it up, the DJ did the second reception and everyone danced their hearts out. so its all good. I always tell my brides to not worry about the little things during their wedding day cause they get married no matter what, music playing or not. Carolann and Chris did it right, not a care in the world but so in love with each other.